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March 7, 2010
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Dieoxis by Zerj19 Dieoxis by Zerj19
-Take a look at my acid thoughts
Welcome to my twisted world

When I die...this is probably what's gonna come out of my head....

Rocking this new style I'm really fun actually..25+ hours of work over 2 days...pretty fast in my opinion...
I put this on mixed media cause It has Some Vexel work,painting,3D and manipulation =P
:iconwaffletopstock: [link]
Thanx to :iconfurvert101: for some of the splatters
*edit..a little less bright and less sharp
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wow, harsh, huh??? well this is a critique for the great and ingenious ZERJ. the overall rating on this project is based on what i know he can do, and this project doesnt deliver. frankly its boring and unoriginal. i yawned in my previous commnent... i will critique this on an overall scale and not in comparison with zerj's talent. with that said, if you have sensative people in the room and little crybabies that cant handle a critique, please have them exit the room now.

lets start with cons so we dont go running away crying when this is over.

well to start, this project is quite frankly bland and boring. the color selection is too primary, and has little to no substance, although i would have to say that the contrast with lights and darks is nice, but blue and yellow mixed the way it is here... its odd, and un-impactful.

the textures on the wall are ok, could use some work, they dont appear to have deptch and come across flat, the opposite of what the artist had intended. the lightness in the corners appear to be like a sad attempt at a glowing effect, but really it just looks like bad lighting and shadow work. it could really use without. there is no real texture so the idea that this 'wall' or 'room' is real is far from reality. it looks like a quick, cheap cut and paste/skew job.

the yellow paint in the foreground is badly done, and could improve the image if it was taken away. its entirely unoriginal and doesnt accurately give the feeling of depth, since you only have one blurriness and nothing between this and the focal point. its boring. the yellow puddle like attempt around the body in the middle is horribly done. it looks as if the artist had applied a bevel and emboss and comes across as about as fake as Heidi Montags face. the splashes are blurry and the shadows are horrible.

over all shadows are not great, project looks rushed. realistic element is non existent.


over all the idea looks pretty cool, just that this entire project could be redone or done at a later date when the skills of the artist are to par with the goal he is trying to reach

the colors could work if there was more brightness and hue variation. primaries are my personal pet peeve. i think that if this is to stay everything needs to be improved especially the paint, etc.

the bubble things in the background are really KEEEWL!!! i love them, but then maybe they just look so cool cause everything else, well, for lack of a better phrase, looks crappy.

the verdict:

weak project, with little to no substance, poor color choice and execution. comes across as extremely rushed...

on a personal note to zerj:

COMMON MAN! WHAT THE HELL?! well not what the hell, but you know, i have seen some amazing stuff come from you, and this is possibly one of your worst. wow. :puke:

i still love you. lol. lets talk about a collab later when im not soooooo busy. :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
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madmadman01 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013   General Artist
hehe. dropping acid in prison. prison of your mind.
khallas Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
Nils-Iver Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
i like your kind of art. very..simple in it's presentation but still so..something cool
ElSohnSchon Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2010  Student Digital Artist
i never look this shit!
+fav fo sho
Zerj19 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2010
loli :D thax bro ^^
Slifer-ArT Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
wow amazing work
Zerj19 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
FreezerSting Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Anyways what this furvert guy is saying is a load of bullshit.

hes telling you to go for a more realistic style while it is clear that you were not even going for that in the first place.

For christ sakes the guy has been using photoshop for two years and hes trash for a 2 year long user, wow and he is even studying design in college?

Zerj you're one of the artists i have had mad respect for, i'm not his little fanboy furvert, more like an acquantaince in an artpack, I just saw this critique and thought it was Grossly unfair. I don't usually rage or shit on people who give good, critique, but honestly, half of the critique he just gave isn't even valid.

I had a look at the guys portfolio, its boring as hell, everything is LQ, and most of the FX methods used are so raw even a layman to graphic design will be able to see what he did there.

"realistic element is non existent. " rofl, talks like he fucking sets the rules of art, took a look at his da, porfolio, behance, whatever, and his art is so boring lol.

is this what they teach in design school? to hone the finer points like colors (bland and boring), repeat the exact same techniques in 3 pieces(wow i cut up stocks of people) and then make the quality nice (oh wow i used HQ stocks)?

atm wondering how you dared to say his color choice was weak, and the project had no substance, when you're pretencious sense of "fine art" leads yourself to think you the right to shit on people's work who is better than yours.

lol, my 2 cents, i feel that that critique was taking a seriously wrong point of view at the piece. Imo the artist should have been applauded for the fresh choice of colors, (fresher than yours furvert lol, you use black and white and mix in little bits of color), and hes actually challenging himself with this piece, the depth isnt perfect, and places need work, but the concept is strong, the composition is solid. if nothing less, the artist tries to be fresh, he tries to use an interesting perspective, and actually brings something new to the art scene (to be frank, this is an awesome attempt at using vectors in manipulation to attain a unique quality to the piece)

The piece isnt "his worse", not by far, i posted before reading your load of shit, that this was one of his best pieces. Maybe it doesnt follow your artschool standards or whatever, but imo you overlook the less technical aspects of the piece, like the freshness, perspective, and overall creative combination of mix media, honing in on the flaws like the white glow in the edges (i don't like that too, but to be perfect, is to be boring).

lol sorry for the rage, but i think that what fulvert posted was ridiculously unfair to this piece.
Zerj19 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010
I knew his critique would bring out some kind of heat....very mixed opinios..its weird...everytime I think I out did myself ,I get the most harsh critiques!lol
FreezerSting Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2010
critique? more like steaming load of bullshit.hes some jealous hater imo lol, unless you guys are extremely close friends or something, which i dont understand why he would point out everything bad in your piece and miss all the good things on it..

anyways, dont worry zerj, in my honest opinion you have outdone yourself quite nicely lol. Keep at it mate
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